Week 5 : Analyzing my Project with the Thinking Hats

Prior to this, I’ve heard people recommending ‘The 6 Thinkin Hats’ and how helpful it is. . I remember searching for some great reads to further broaden my artistic knowledge, for example, Andrew Loomis’ books. (I highly recommend his books if you want to learn more about human anatomy/figures. It’s how I got the hang of human figures, so I want to actually take this time to thank Mr. Loomis. You’re my MVP). Okay, back to my story, I downloaded a pdf explaining how the ‘6 Thinking Hats’ works but never really got around to reading it. Thankfully, I finally got myself to read it, well I had to… so…

For this week’s post, I’m going to be analyzing my final project using some of the thinking hats. You can read my project proposal here.

Yellow hat – all about optimism and positivity

1. What are the benefits in choosing the theme of your project?
– I get to practice the areas I’m specifically not good at.
– Challenge myself to finally create an illustration that is not a 99.9% copy a photo.
– Learn new cultures
– I can finally enjoy doing an assessment (maybe)

White Hat – all about the facts

1. What information do you need to gather/research before you start drawing?
– Research the said ethnic group
– Research their traditional wear
– Look for various suitable posing references
– Research patterns with natural/environmental motif

2. What else do you have to do after doing your research?

– Come up with my own patterns with natural/environmental motif
– Explore color combinations, color palettes, using the color sphere
– Use grids to establish different compositions for each piece
– Plan a timeline!

Black Hat – all about being cautious, and being critical

1. Can you really do all the research, tasks, and the actual illustrating in a week, along with your other assessments?

– This is really tricky, but I feel like I can at least reach my set minimum of 3 pieces 2 weeks early if I start the research in semester break.

2. What if you couldn’t, for some reason, start your research in your sem break?
– Well, we go back to uni on the 5th October, and the due date is on 28th Oct. So, that gives me 4 weeks to finish my project. If it, somehow, takes me more than a week to finish one piece, at least I would still have a week to finish the last piece assuming I had already finish 2 by then.

3. Cultural appropriation?

– I want to say no, because I’m not actually going to wear their traditional wears, and will only be illustrating them.
– But having said that, this is what the research is for, so I have background knowledge what their traditional wear symbolizes, so I can illustrate it with as much respect as I can. Their culture is more than pretty clothing and jewelries after all.
– I am very much against cultural appropriation, and my intention is to not, in anyway, offend any people.
– I will not alter their traditional clothing by any means.

I’m glad I got the chance to do this. It helped me realize what I actually would have to do in order to finish my final project, especially with planning the timeline. I really should start my research on sem to avoid rushing any of the illustrations. I’m really excited to start this project, and to improve as a designer and an illustrator.


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