“Technology is a big destroyer of emotion and truth. Auto-tuning doesn’t do anything for creativity. Yeah, it makes it easier and you can get home sooner; but it doesn’t make you a more creative person. That’s the disease we have to fight in any creative field: ease of use.”
― Jack White

I try to empathize with others and be as open as I can because I love learning from individuals with different backgrounds. Analyzing what Mr. White stated above, I believe that he really values the old traditional way of creating music. However, saying that using technology and its ease of use doesn’t make a person creative, is a bit excessive and borderline over dramatic. And I would wholeheartedly disagree to his statement, as a graphic designer and a digital illustrator. He would’ve probably disowned me if I were his child since my creative works are 90% created using technology.

I consider computer and technology as a tool to create my works, much like how he uses instruments to create his music. With his “ease of use” statement, just like his instruments, again, software also takes time to learn so I don’t know what he’s talking about. Okay maybe I do know what he’s talking about, but that’s why I use computer and tablet, because it’s so much easier to use and less expensive. Sue me for not wanting to spend hundreds of dollar on papers! I also don’t have to sharpen my pencils, I don’t have to go out and spend money on paints, I don’t have to create a mess to get the right color, I honestly could go on and on but you get it, don’t you?

Now that I have mentioned it, technology actually saves me money. I can work with any size without having to pay extra, I don’t have to waste paper if I messed up the drawing, I don’t have to pay top dollars for paints and brushes and PAPERS. Since all of those options are available in a software like Photoshop. It gives me a lot of freedom and choices without worrying about money.

I consider his statement pretty classicist, as well. What about those creative individuals who only has their technology to create their work? Does that mean that they’re less creative than people like him who could afford thousand of dollars of musical equipment??? Granted that these people could’ve used the money to buy those musical instruments instead of ‘technologies’ but then what? What are they going to do if they want to add some extra instrument sound that they don’t have?? I would love to play with another medium like oil paint, and more clay sculptures, too bad I don’t have any money to afford being creative so I guess I should just quit.

Lastly, I would like to suggest Mr. White to watch some Vine videos (which was also discussed in this week’s presentation), and reflect on these 6 seconds videos and how it can contain so much creative content in such a short amount of time. I am blown away most of the time as to how these people can come up with great ideas and fit it into only 6 seconds. Therefore, in summary, I disagree with his statement, and I believe that technology is actually making people more creative and express their emotions, because it gives them freedom to create with little to no limit.


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