Lines and Colours (Any tips for me?)

Prior to this unit I’ve already been interested with lines, and started to get into colors, as well. As you can tell from my previous illustrations, all of them are in Black and White except for one. I also sometimes use lines in creating shadows instead of shading, however, my style of drawing lines has become monotonous. I really want to further explore how I can use/draw lines in various ways to create more interesting pieces.

I love colours, but colours seem to not like me as much. But, I’ve been doing some research and experimenting and I think I’m slightly finding my own color palette. I’m excited to improve and learn more.

P.S. please share any tips, readings, articles, blogs, etc. that’s about lines, crosshatching, colours, colour harmonies, or any exercises that can help me broaden my knowledge of these topics. Please and thank youu!

Luke Dixon, 2011
I really like how the artist used lines to create contours and shadows

Marina Munn, 2012
How the artist used lines as a tool to create color combination is amazing

Yellena James, 2008
I like how flowy(?) and soft looking the lines are, which is a huge contrast to how I use lines in my illustrations.
(note to self: Must try)

Jason Thielke, 2008
Circular and angular shapes and lines??!!
Goals right there.

Nataliya Platonova, 2011
A+++ /10


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