Final Project

All three illustrations are now available under “Finished Project”

I also just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating the illustrations.
I learned a lot of things, but more importantly, I got to challenge myself.
This was the first time I drew something that wasn’t 99% copied from a picture.
Theres also a lot more things going on in these illustrations compared to my previous ones.
(There’s finally colour!!!)
The readings and theories helped me with my art block, and expanded my understanding of creativity.
There were a lot of processes involved in finishing these pieces, a lot of these processes I’ve never even done before.
For example:

Creating my own reference – I asked a friend to model for me so I could draw a realistic and well proportioned body since I                                                     couldn’t find any reference close to the pose I wanted.
Research and gathering various images – To be able to draw their traditional wear I obviously needed to do some research
Drawing something that isn’t human related – I wanted to incorporate nature and environment in my project. I ended up                                                                enjoying drawing the flowers more than I expected.

There are so many more things that I did, but these are the ones off the top of my head. I’ll discuss more of them in my exegesis. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome of my project. However, I really wish I had more time to experiment with the layout of each piece, but my exegesis ain’t gonna write itself, so I actually better get back to it. Bye everyone!


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