About Me

My name is Ann Marie. I’m currently studying Graphic Design as my major, and Interactive Media as my minor.

I’m really into illustration more than graphic design, to be honest. My first choice as my major was Visual Arts. However, I am more interested in working digitally than traditionally, which is why I picked graphic design as my major instead. I’m also hoping that if I combine all the design lessons I’ve learned with my illustrations, I can make a bomb art piece and maybe I can finally find my ‘style’.

My works are mostly digital (i.e. with a computer and a drawing tablet), I used to work traditionally as well (watercolours, copic markers, pencils, charcoals etc.), but it can get really messy and I didn’t even know that papers could be expensive as hell.

I have been drawing since I can remember. It has become an essential part of my identity that I wouldn’t know what else I’d be doing if I didn’t know how to draw. As for graphic design, I started photo editing years ago when I was introduced to Photoshop. Since I began University, I can now also use Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash.

My main goal to this day is to find my ‘style’. And I’m hoping that by applying my weekly learning from this unit with my current artistic ability, I can be at least a step closer to finding it.


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