I will be creating a set of digital illustrations that will portray different ethnic groups/minorities from around the world, wearing their traditional clothing. The set of illustrations will be no less than three. It will also be presented in the similar style of ‘Art Nouveau’. In choosing this theme, I believe that I will also be able to practice the artistic areas that I need to improve on.

I would like to use this project as an opportunity to improve some of the artistic elements that I
need to work on. These include color combinations and harmonies, details/line works, and patterns. Additionally, I’d also like to include some graphic design in my illustrations. The style ‘Art Nouveau’, I believe, is a great style inspiration for my final project. Art Nouveau’s graphic art incborporates nature and environment, which demonstrate very detailed patterns (Fig. 1). Furthermore, this style also oftenly illustrates its subjects in full body with dynamic poses (Fig. 3) that will help me illustrate the traditional clothing in a more lively way.

art neou

Fig. 1


Fig. 2

The theme was inspired by my country’s ethnic groups/minorities. From where I come from,our country has over 180 ethnic groups. Few of them throws grand parades to celebrate their culture every year, therefore, growing up, I usually saw them on the television. In those events, they would wear and parade their unique, and colorful traditional wears. The colors, patterns, and detailed clothing and accessories, perfectly fits my aim to work on the areas I want to improve on. However, for my final project, I would like to further broaden my options. Therefore, I will be choosing various ethnic groups/minorities from around the world instead of just the ones from my country (The Philippines).

Alphonse Mucha Les Saisons

Fig. 3


Fig. 4

The illustrations will not look exactly like the Art Nouveau style, as I still want to explore and not limit my options. For example, I’d like to work more with vibrant colors as oppose to warm and less saturated colors. But, what I like to include in my project are the natural patterns, and how detailed they are. I like the idea of natural patterns with my theme due to how close most ethnic groups are close to nature and the environment. For the postures of the subject, I will be searching through some posing reference such as, and other free-to-use photo references. Lastly, for the graphic design element, I will be including typography, and textures. Grids and Color Spheres will also be used to further help plan the composition, and the overall look of my illustrations.

This set of illustrations will be done digitally. I will be using a drawing tablet, and Photoshop to create the content. Because I want the illustrations to be as detailed as possible, I want to dedicate at least one week for each piece. The weekly works will include research of the said ethnic group, finding reference for the subject’s pose, experimenting with colors, and looking for natural pattern. I will not, in any way, alter anything in their traditional clothing or change the race/ethnicity of the subject.


Fig. 1
Mucha, A. (n.d.). Zodiac [Online image]. Retrieved from jpg

Fig. 2 (2010). Clad in traditional costumes and carrying bouquets, local women await for the arrival of His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Samtenling Monastery in Nubra Valley, Ladakh on 20 July 2010/ photos [Online image]. Retrieved from

Fig. 3
Mucha, A. (n.d.). Les Saisons [Online image]. Retrieved from

Fig. 4
DonNJuanPhotography. (n.d.). Authentic T’boli attire and accessories [Online Image]. Retrieved from ph/2014/08/20/an-interview-with-ida-del-mundo-about-kna-the-dreamweaver-tboli-culture/


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