Pose Reference

I’m having some difficulties picking the right poses for each ethnic group I’ve chosen. Mostly because I want the poses to be dynamic, however, most of the poses I’ve googled are either too sexual or too simple. Well, actually, the main problem is I don’t know what kind of poses are appropriate for each ethnic group, since I only know minor details about them. Therefore, I’ve chosen to base their poses on their traditional/folk dances (thank god for youtube), and maybe exaggerate it a bit to make it more dynamic. So, that’s that. I’m hoping I’d at least finish one by next week.


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Project Ideas

I want to use this opportunity to work on areas that I feel like I lack the most, and explore possibilities to make myself better as an artist, and a graphic designer. I will be basing my main project around one of the areas I lack the most or a combination of some of them.

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